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Tuesday 5th February, 10.01am

Celebrate Charles Darwin’s 204th Birthday at Shrewsbury’s Darwin Festival

The 2013 Darwin Festival will be held between the 10th and 23rd February.

The festival, which has been arranged by Shropshire Wildlife Trust, aims to inspire people with curiosity about the natural world and awaken understanding of the marvellous wildlife with which we share our world.

Several organisations in the town have joined forces to organise events for all ages including; scientific lectures at Theatre Severn, lively discussion sessions at Shrewsbury Coffeehouse, town tours, tours of Darwin’s garden, a documentary film - The Vanishing of the Bees - at The Hive and a Darwin themed cruise aboard Sabrina Boat.

For an event program contact Shropshire Wildlife Trust 01743 284280 or Shrewsbury Visitor Information Centre 01743 258888.

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