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Are we sailing today? Tuesday, 26th March


Come down to the boat today for a beautiful day on the River Severn...

Good Morning,

We are sailing today we have availability on all our trips

11 am - available

12 noon available

1 pm available

2 pm available

3 pm available

4 pm available

Have a nice day.

Check out the River level in Shrewsbury today - River Levels

The Summer level is 0.5m at the Welsh Bridge. The general rule of thumb is that we can operate until 1.8m but have to turn slightly early after 1.3m on our scheduled daily trips. If you are joining us for a 3 hour evening cruise we struggle to get under the Welsh Bridge at 0.8m to go upstream.

Our Season runs from 1st March - 31st October.

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t 01743 369 741
m 07817 404 599