Educational Boat Trips


Our educational boat trips are specifically designed for parties of school students. Full commentary is provided by our knowledgeable guides and can be adapted to suit children of any age.

Shrewsbury and the River Severn provide a rich source of geographic, historic and natural history study material in line with the current educational curriculum. We aim to provide an introduction to these topics helping children to actively learn while discovering facts about the River Severn and following the history along the Shrewsbury Map along the River Severn.

  • At the end of their visit, students should have an appreciation of:
  • Why Shrewsbury was built on the River Severn
  • How the land along the River Severn has been used
  • How the River Severn was used for trade and transport
  • How the River Severn shaped the growth of industry in Shropshire
  • What are the cause and effects of flooding and how we respond
  • What wildlife lives in the River Severn


Educational boat trip worksheets

These worksheets can either be used during the trip or back in the classroom to reinforce what has been learnt.

Download Worksheet



Educational boat trips cost £3.50 per child and £6.50 per adult. Sabrina holds a maximum of 60 passengers. We can run trips from 10am until 4pm and recommend that you allow 60 minutes for the session.

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Book now or call us 01743 369 741.