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Funeral Receptions, Wakes & Ashes Ceremonies


Funeral Receptions, Wakes & Ashes Ceremonies
On board Sabrina

Afternoon Cruise Package

Funeral receptions offer family and friends a place to come together and talk about the person they loved, liked and admired in a informal setting. Unlike the remembrance service which is more about the solemn moment to say goodbye, funeral receptions are more like an anti-party.

We offer the opportuntiy to meet after a funeral in a comforting setting on the beautiful River Severn. The open river is lovely place for a group to release emotions and help everyone understand recent events. Sharing memories, stories and even the occasional scandal. A place where people can commiserate and laugh about the person who was so dear to them.

Often people choose the funeral reception and ashes ceremonies on Sabrina because it holds happy memories for them. Examples include first meetings, engagements, weddings and anniversaries. For others it's the dominance of the River Severn in their life, and the beauty and joy that it gave them.

2 hour cruise
3pm or 4pm departure
Sunday - Friday
Cold Buffet, Canapes or Afternoon Tea
Desserts available on request
35 - 60 guests

£24.50 per guest

On board Little Rea

While Sabrina is more commonly booked for funeral receptions, sometimes families prefer an intimate setting. Little Rea can hold up to 10 guests and is perfect for ashes ceremonies where families can say their final goodbyes to their loved ones. 

Up to 10 guests
1 - 3 hour hire available
Ashes ceremony permitted
Sabrina blankets available
Wheelchair & pushchair friendly
Dogs welcome
Available 7 days a week / day or evening

Hire prices
1 hour £100     2 hour £150      3 hour £200

Food & Drink

We are very flexible with food & drink
you are more than welcome to bring you own.
We also offer pre-ordered hampers, buffets, canapes, cream tea & drinks.


t 01743 369 741
m 07817 404 599