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Dining for groups



Meal & Cruise Package Deals


Why not try one of our meal & cruise package deals with one of our 3 restaurant partners followed by a 1 hour cruise.

Restaurant Partners

Chambers at The Prince Rupert - Fine dining can be found in one of Shrewsbury's most iconic buildings here at Chambers located in historic Butcher Row.

Osteria Da Paolos - Try some hearty Italian at this quaint traditional restaurant renowned for their traditional menus located only 100 yards from Sabrina next door to Rowley's mansion.

Loch Fyne - Its not just fish!... choose from a diverse set menu at this nationally recognised restaurant located 50 yards from Shrewsbury's multi million pound museum in the Square.


  • Available Sunday - Thursday
  • Groups of 20 - 60 people
  • Days & Evenings please check availability

Chambers at The Prince Rupert - 2 course fine dining experience £20pp

Osteria Da Paolos - 3 course hearty Italian - £20.00pp

Loch Fyne - 3 course seafood or traditional cuisine - £20.00pp

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t 01743 369 741
m 07817 404 599