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Dog Friendly Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury is one of those towns; small enough to walk around without getting too lost, but still keeps you on your toes. Every twist and turn; the cobbled streets and the wood-clad Tudor buildings present you with another piece of history, and Shrewsbury has seen a lot.

And when a town is so steeped in history it makes the perfect place for exploring, and even more so with a dog. But as fans of our four-legged friends know, it’s not always easy to find attractions and places to relax while you’re on your adventure. So this guide to dog friendly Shrewsbury should make your stay stress free. Better still, we've included an interactive map of dog friendly places in Shrewsbury. By clicking on the points you can easily navigate through town.



Dog friendly places to stay in Shrewsbury

One of the great things about Shrewsbury is there are lots of options for places to stay with your dog. We have lots of great dog-friendly hotels that will make you feel more than at home.


The Exchange

1 Bellstone, Shrewsbury, SY1 1HU

Tel: 01743 231199

Newly refurbished, The Exchange is smack bang in the centre of Shrewsbury, which makes it perfect for those who want an easy to access base. What makes it one of the best pet friendly hotels in Shrewsbury is its location, just a short walk from The Quarry Park. As well as having a great selection of food and drink on offer, the accommodation is also really affordable.

Facebook. @theexchangeshrewsbury

Source: The Exchange. Digital Image. The Exchange Website


Darwin’s Townhouse

37 St Julian's Friars, Shrewsbury, SY1 1XL

Tel: 01743 343829

More upmarket than many hotels in Shrewsbury, Darwin’s Townhouse is a boutique hotel that is beautifully decorated and it’s dog friendly too. You’ll love how attentive the staff are, who are more than accommodating to you and your pooches needs. Not only does Darwin’s Townhouse offer luxury pet friendly accommodation in Shrewsbury, but they also offer some of the best food and drink the town has to offer at their sister restaurants.

Facebook: @darwinstownhouse

Darwin's Townhouse

Source: Darwin's Townhouse Dog Friendly Hotel. Digital image. Darwin's Townhouse Website.


Sydney House

Coton Crescent, Coton Hill, Shrewsbury, SY1 2LJ

Tel: 01743 354681

Sydney House is a guesthouse just on the outskirts of town. It’s close enough to walk into the centre without much effort, but most importantly they offer free parking. The walk into town is quite lovely too, with views of the majestic River Severn to your left. Sydney House might not offer the ease of grabbing lunch and dinner at your place of residence, but hey, you have a whole town dedicated to foodies right by your doorstep.


Sydney House Hotel

Source: Sidney House Hote. Digital Image. Sidney House Hotel Website.


Dog friendly things to do in Shrewsbury


While many of the main attractions only allow support dogs, there are still loads of things to do in Shrewsbury that are 100% dog friendly. Some are even all season. So no matter if it’s raining sideways or dazzling sunshine, there’s always something you can enjoy in comfort.


Dana Jail

The Dana, Shrewsbury SY1 2HP

Tel: 01743 343100

Top of the list is Dana Jail. Dogs are welcome (on a lead) for the self-guided walks only. What we love about Dana Jail is there’s plenty of space, it’s cool enough for your dog all year around, and you’ll do a fair bit of walking too. There’s a car park opposite the building, but it’s also perfectly placed for day-trippers being right next to the train station. You can spend a fair while here too, so it’s great value for money.

Facebook: @jailhousetours

Dana Prison

Source: Dana Prison. Digital Image. Dana Prison Website.


Sabrina Boat

Victoria Quay, Victoria Ave, Welsh Bridge, Shrewsbury SY1 1HH
Booking: 01743 369741

We’re not trying to blow our own horn, but Sabrina is considered one of the best pet friendly things to do in Shrewsbury. That’s because we have an inside and an outside area to the boat, perfect for all weather. Better still, we’re right next to The Quarry, an excellent place to walk your furry friend before embarking (no pun intended) on your voyage.

Facebook: @Sabrinaboat1

Sabrina Boat Dog Friendly Things To Do Shrewsbury

Book a Dog Friendly Day Trip on Sabrina


The Quarry

Shrewsbury SY1 1JA

The Quarry is quite simply one of the best dog walking parks in the country. On a fine spring evening, nothing can beat walking down the riverside. Weeping willows lurch and sway in the breeze; an ornate display, beckoning the passing insects with lustful gestures. Light refracting on the water sprays up against a backdrop of new and old architecture producing nature’s graffiti if only witnessed for a passing moment. The sound of play, laughter and joy. A moment of clarity in our busy modern world.

Even in the winter months, The Quarry is an excellent place to visit.

The Quarry Shrewsbury


Haughmond Abbey and Hill Walk

Haughmond Abbey: B5062, Shrewsbury SY4 4RW

Haughmond Hill Car Park: Upton Magna, Shrewsbury SY4 4RP

Not strictly in the centre of town but still an excellent place to visit in the Shrewsbury area, a mere 4 miles out of town. The Abbey itself is an excellent example of a medieval Augustinian monastery founded around the early 12th century. Now ruined it is still an impressive sight to behold, very photogenic. There’s a lovely picnic area too.

Just up the road is probably the best dog walking area in Shrewsbury that is run by the forestry commission. There are plenty of walks to choose from but try to get to the top of the hill; here you’ll have a commanding view of Shrewsbury and the Shropshire Hills. On a good day, you can see for miles around. All very dog friendly too, as you can imagine.

Haughmond Abbey

"Haughmond Abbey" by Sjwells53 is licensed under CC BY 3.0

Dog Friendly Bars in Shrewsbury


Albert’s Shed

8 Barker St, Shrewsbury SY1 1QJ

Tel: 01743 241124

At night Albert’s Shed is the best place to watch gigs in Shrewsbury. In the daytime, though it’s super relaxed, a great space to sit back and unwind. The bar is very spacious, so perfect for dogs that like to roam. If you’re into sport then just ask at the bar, they’ll be more than happy to switch on your favourite team or event. As well as a large range of well-priced drinks, they’ll pour one for your furry friend too. There’s nothing like a crisp, fresh bowl of water to douse the post-walk thirst.


Albert's Shed, Shrewsbury

Source: Albert's Shed Dog Friendly Pubs. Digital Image. Albert's Shed Website.


The Armoury

Welsh Bridge, Shrewsbury, SY1 1HH

Tel: 01743 340525

Set just outside of our moorings on the Victoria Quay, The Armoury has it all. Sitting on the veranda you can take in the atmosphere of the riverside or take a pew inside where it’s cosy but spacious. As to be expected, weekend evenings do get busy, but most other times you’ll have no problem finding somewhere to rest.

Facebook: @armouryshrewsbury

The Armoury, Shrewsbury

Source: The Armoury in Shrewsbury. Digital Image. The Armoury Website.


Cromwells Wine Bar

11 Dogpole, Shrewsbury SY1 1EN

Tel: 01743 361440

At the top of the town you’ll find Cromwell's Wine Bar, on the aptly named Dogpole. The staff are very attentive to your pets needs and will give them a big fuss too. Dogs are allowed inside, and the outside area is really smart, contained within a picturesque courtyard on looking passers-by as they make their way into town.

Facebook: @cromwellsinnshrewsbury

Cromwell's Wine Bar

Source: Cromwells Wine Bar. Digital Image. Cromwells Wine Bar Website


Places to eat in Shrewsbury with your dog


Lily’s Tea Garden

Severn Terrace, Smithfield Rd, Shrewsbury SY1 1PF

Tel: 07964 984982

Quaint English splendour at its very best, Lily’s Tea Garden is one of those secrets that most people don’t want tell. But the cat is now out of the bag. It’s quite something to find the perfect retreat from a bustling market town only minutes away from the high street, but here it is. Lily’s Tea Garden is totally dog friendly and serves tasty homemade food. A must for any rumbling tummy day-trippers.


Lily's Tea Garden

Source: Lily's Tea Garden. Digital Image. Lily's Tea Garden Website


Off the Square Bistro

17 Market St, Shrewsbury SY1 1LE

Tel: 01743 270111

Off the Square Bistro serve a plethora of tasty treats right in the centre of Shrewsbury. What you’ll notice about this place, beyond their dog friendly attitude, is the care and dedication they make to each customer. It’s quite a rare find these days, but Off the Square Bistro hit the nail on the head with their service level. Excellent range of different meals and super accommodating to your dietary needs.

Facebook: @offthesquarecafe

Off the Square Shrewsbury

Source: Off the Square Bistro. Digital Image. Off the Square Bistro Website


Chez Sophie

10 Mardol Head, Shrewsbury, SY1 1HD
Tel: 01743 588560

Chez Sophie serves sweet and savoury crepes along with a fine selection of drinks to suit all tastes. Mixing Franco and English cuisine with a splash of Belgique luxury make Chez Sophie the perfect way to add a pinch of European exuberance to your day. Set across two floors; the thoughtful décor is enchanting as it is uncontrived. We like that. And when you step out of the door, Chez Sophie leaves a lustful yearning deep in your soul to make a return visit soon.

Facebook: @lescrepesdesophie

Chez Sophie

Source: Chez Sophie. Digital Image. Chez Sophie Website


The Olive Tree

Frankwell Island, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY3 8JR
Tel: 01743 383373

For those looking for a meal in the evening there is one place that tops the dog friendly restaurant list for Shrewsbury, The Olive Tree. They do a mean tapas menu that rivals some of the most expensive restaurants in town but without the big bill at the end. More importantly, they love having dogs in the restaurant. They don’t play lip service to the idea of being dog friendly either; literally, you can choose any table you wish. Drinks are prepared with devotion and the staff always have a smile on their face. What more can you ask for?

Facebook: @theolivetreeshrewsbury

The Olive Tree - Dog Friendly Shrewsbury

Source: The Olive Tree in Shrewsbury. Digital Image. The Olive Tree Website


And two for your best friend


It wouldn’t be a conclusive list of the most dog friendly places to visit in Shrewsbury without adding in our favourite places to pamper your pooch.


Canny Cuts Dog Grooming

116 Longden Coleham, Shrewsbury SY3 7DU

Tel: 01743 243928

Canny Cuts Dog Grooming is just on the outside of the River Severn loop in Coleham. It’s just a brief walk from Wyle Cop near the English Bridge. Why not take your dog in for a well deserved pamper and enjoy a moment to yourself.



Company of Hounds

The Market Hall, Claremont Street, Shrewsbury SY1 1QG

Tel: 07531 865580 

Company of Hounds is an independent retailer based in The Market Hall, Shrewsbury. They sell loads of goodies and natural treats for your best friend to sniff out. One of the best things you’ll find here are the pet boxes, collated by experts, each box is made to match the age and breed of your dog.



We hope you enjoyed reading this list. There are so many more interesting and amazing things to do in Shrewsbury with your pets. That’s why we’d love to hear your opinion on what you think the best dog friendly things to do in Shrewsbury. Leave us a message.


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