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Flooding In Shrewsbury

History of flooding in Shrewsbury

Flooding is when there’s too much excess water in one place that’s not supposed to be there and has nowhere to go, this is when the term flooding is used. The river that flows through Shrewsbury is the River Severn which starts in Llanidloes where the highest point of the Cambrian mountains in Wales. One thing is for sure, we will always have to live with floods. The River Severn is notorious for rising quickly, but as bargemen will say, "A quick rise, is usually a quick fall".

Water cannot be compressed, it must go somewhere, as always over the lowest bank. Many people forget that flooding in river areas does not always come from the river but rising over the banks of streams. Shrewsbury is a good example, normally the first area to suffer flooding is the Frankwell carpark although the Severn Theatre is protected by walls and formidable flood defences.


1948 Shrewsbury Flooding

In 1948, Shrewsbury was hit by floods and they suffered greatly from this. The water was at its peak, houses were under water and people’s lives suffered dramatically from this with nowhere to go, everyone was in danger. The flooding raged over the town swallowing everything in its path. Here is a link that takes you to the terrible events of flooding in Shrewsbury. 1948 video

1964 Shrewsbury flooding

In this year the water was as its worst and it wasn’t done with this town yet. It again swamped the town with water and more businesses and houses were affected. Parents were carrying their pushchairs whilst walking across a tight wooden bridge along the side of buildings as well as people being made to stay at home if they could due to their places of work being disturbed by the floods. Other events in the video show people on canoes delivering food to people who were trapped so they could survive, this is because back then we didn’t have the type of emergency services we have now. A video here will show you these events and worse. 1964 video

River Severn’s attack on Shrewsbury 2020

It was by far not a start to a good year for Shrewsbury with all the flooding that didn’t only go on for a few days but lasted for more than 13 days from the 24th of February onwards, now the weather has not been on our side which is causing river levels to rise again. This is having a negative effect on the Sabrina Boat service in Shrewsbury and many other businesses. Here are some clips from the Operations Manager Andy Thelwell form Sabrina Boat Tours.


This is a clip of the flooding around Sabrina Boat and the Victoria Quay.

Victoria Quay

Here is a clip of the flooding and its increasing levels under the Welsh Bridge next to the Sabrina Boat.

Victoria Avenue

Below is a clip of the flooding on Cross street under the railway bridge near the train station.

Smithfield Road

This is a clip of the flooding next to the reception of Sabrina Boat on the welsh bridge and how the water has breached the quayside.

Victoria Avenue

The effect of flooding in Shrewsbury has had a massive impact not only on this business but many others, with all 3 shopping centres closed and people being sent home with not everyone being payed and independent companies seriously suffering. This would have a major impact on their employees and business financial status.

APFM association have said there are many negative impacts that flooding has on a town especially after flooding ones like Shrewsbury and Ironbridge in Shropshire. ‘loss of lives and property, mass migration of wildlife, loss of livelihoods and decreased purchasing and production ‘’. Overall, this means that people are financially suffering as well as emotionally and physically as it’s a very distraught experience to witness, let alone being a victim, certainly when you’re evacuated with your family.

Uk flood warning predictions for flooding

Flood Warning Info

This link shows detailed data taken from modern measuring equipment all over the Uk to help predict flooding and warn residents of the future events.


Above is an image of the predicted flood warnings on the 10th of March 2020. As you can see its forecasting to burst its bank again in Shrewsbury town centre and the surrounding area.

Sabrina Boat is a popular venue that sails on the River Severn here in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. The boat is the sole source of income for the company and is owned by Dilwyn Jones. Sabrina is a 45-minute cruise that sails from the Victoria Quay and ends its journey just past the English Bridge before it heads back to the Victoria Quay.

The boat sails 6 boat trips a day on the hour from 11am to 4pm and is very welcoming to dogs. Sabrina caters for food and drinks with additional prices as well as having toilets on board, disabled access and a licenced bar. Boarding domestic and inbound passengers 7 days a week we also have a Sunday lunch cruise at 1pm with a 2 course lunch at the Buck’s head and a Tuesday evening 7pm cruise with a meal that runs from April- September with a choice of several restaurants including The Loopy Shrew and Riverbank.

Please click the link to find out more about the above information and more from your local tour boat.

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A History of Flooding in Shrewsbury by Sabrina Wilson