Tuesday 9th October, 3.34pm

Shrewsbury Ghosts - A Shrewsbury Ghost Walk

Shrewsbury is an ancient town and one that has endured centuries of bloody wars, treachery and cold-blooded murder. So it's no surprise that there are so many things to do in Shrewsbury related to the spookier side of life and the town is considered one of the most haunted regions in the UK. Shrewsbury ghosts and their toe-curling stories can be found everywhere, and so we created this Shrewsbury Ghost Walk so you can experience the spooky side of town at your own pace. Also, don't forget every Monday evening throughout October we run an extremely popular Ghost Tour by Boat; departing from Victoria Quays by the Welsh Bridge at 7pm. Book early to avoid disappointment. 


Interactive Shrewsbury Ghost Walk Map

Below you'll find an interactive Ghost Walk Map of Shrewsbury. By clicking on the numbered points you can easily set your route to match the narrative below.