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Sabrina Guide to our Favourite Restaurants in Shrewsbury

Do you ever lose hope when you’re looking for the perfect place to eat? So many choices and each one looks just as tempting as the next, and that’s before you’ve even made your mind upon the type of food you want to eat. So to make that process a little easier, here’s the Sabrina Guide to our Favourite Restaurants.

Our favourite restaurants in Shrewsbury

We’re all a little bit different aren’t we, which makes it difficult to actually define what the best restaurants are in Shrewsbury.

For some, best means the freshest possible ingredients, cooked to perfection by attentive restaurateurs who live and breath customer satisfaction. Then again, maybe you’re a people person, if so then service trumps all. There are many other factors to consider including dietary requirements, location and if pets are welcome inside.

Many of the restaurants below are also our partners, we simply love what they do and we want to share that with you. Some prefer to be inside the restaurant as part of our Meal and Cruise Packages or Sunday Lunch Cruise. Others prefer to sit back and relax aboard Sabrina while enjoying the best cuisine in Shrewsbury on a Tuesday Evening Cruise. Either way, Shrewsbury has a lot to offer!




22-23 Mardol, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY1 1PU

Tel: 01743 361888

If authenticity is your thing, then Avatar is well worth a visit. They are the only Indian and Nepalese restaurant in Shrewsbury, so what you can expect is something quite extraordinary. A visit to Avatar is like taking a once in a lifetime trip through the different regions of South Asia, where unique tastes and aromas tantalise the very fabric of your understanding of the word ‘curry’.

Facebook: @avatardiningshrewsbury

Avatar Shrewsbury

Source: Avitar Restaurant in Shrewsbury


Osteria Da Paolos

Hills Lane, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY1 1PS

Tel: 01743 243336

You can’t get more of an authentic Italian restaurant in Shrewsbury than Osteria Da Paolos, it’s the real deal. The freshness of their ingredients makes their meals pop with flavour, reminiscent of the sun-soaked landscapes from where they were conceived. 

It’s hard not to be whisked away by the pure sensory experience of a traditional Italian restaurant like this one. The rustic cellar speaks to you with a truthful reflection of Southern Italian style; lightly echoing music fills the air with warmth, as does the attitude of the staff. All in all, it feels like you’re one of the family, something many traditional restaurants fail to achieve these days.

Facebook: @osteriada.paolos

Italian Restaurants Shrewsbury

Source: Osteria Da Paolos Italian Restaurant in Shrewsbury


The Alb

14 Smithfield Road, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY1 1PD

Tel: 01743 367600

The Alb has a lot of character, all the amazing things you’d find in a major city restaurant but without any of the pretence. Their menu has a really yummy street food focus with a Central American twist. They also do some of the best cocktails in town too.

Facebook: @albertshrews

The Alb Shrewsbury

Source: The Alb Bar and Grill in Shrewsbury



Victoria Quay, Victoria Avenue, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY1 1HH

Tel: 01743 233244

If you love the taste of the med or just classic British cuisine cooked to perfection then you can’t stray too far wrong with the Riverbank restaurant which is just metres away from where our Sabrina is harboured.

Facebook: @visitriverbank

The Riverbank Shrewsbury

Source: The Riverbank, Shrewsbury


Loch Fyne

Market Street, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY1 1LG

Tel: 01743 277140

Although a chain restaurant, Loch Fyne is a place of prestige. Being a landlocked county it’s not easy to get the freshest fish possible, and that’s where Loch Fyne comes in. Their mantra is to serve the most ecologically sound, conscientiously harvested fish and shellfish available on the high street. That alone is worth a visit. Add in care and dedication to each and every meal, and then you’ve struck gold.

Facebook: @lochfyneshrewsbury

Loch Fyne Shrewsbury

Source: Loch Fyne


Chambers Bar and Bistro

Chambers, Church Street, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY1 1UQ

Tel: 01743 233818

As far as location goes, Chambers Bar and Bistro at the Prince Rupert Hotel is about as special as they come. This is the quintessential Shrewsbury restaurant set within one of the oldest buildings in the town; with dark wood beams running against lime wash walls it's hard not get lost in the beauty of this place.

What you can expect from Chambers at the Prince Rupert Hotel is classic English meals, lovingly made from locally sourced, seasonal produce served with a compliment of excellent wines selected to bring out the best in complementary flavours. And if you think this place sounds unaffordable, you’ll be very pleasantly surprised.

Facebook: @chambersbarrestaurant

Chambers Bistro Shrewsbury

Source: Chambers Bar and Grill in Shrewsbury


The Old Bucks Head Inn

53 Frankwell, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY3 8JR

Tel: 01743 369392

Our Sunday Lunch Cruise partner, The Bucks Head Inn is your quintessential British pub. High-class food made from fresh ingredients served by welcoming staff. Situated just a mere 5-minute walk from Victoria Quay where Sabrina is moored, this olde worlde pub is the perfect place to unwind and dine in a traditional Shrewsbury setting.

Sunday Dinner at the Bucks Head Inn

Source: The Old Bucks Head Inn in Shrewsbury

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Spanish Tapas at The Olive Tree

Frankwell Island, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY3 8JR
Tel: 01743 383373

If you’re looking for a place that makes amazing food and is a dog-friendly restaurant in Shrewsbury then you’re in for a treat. The Olive Tree, just over the river on Frankwell Island is the perfect place to relax and enjoy very affordable Spanish tapas. It’s cosy and comfortable, and best of all doggy lovers, you can sit wherever you want.

Facebook: @theolivetreeshrewsbury

Spanish Tapas Shrewsbury

Source: The Olive Tree Spanish Tapas Restaurant, Shrewsbury