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No matter what time of year you visit Shropshire, there's a good chance you'll drop on an event, fair or festival. That makes sense really when you think about. Being on the border of England and Wales it was an area that required protection, and thus becoming a Royalist stronghold. So much so that a festival celebrating the restoration of the monarchy in 1786 still runs every year in Aston-on-Clun!

Then there's our glorious Sabrina. Without the River Severn the great London textile industry would have suffered due to the cost and time of wagon-led transportation; a trade route which meandered all the way to the Irish Sea and beyond. And as the longest river in the UK, passing directly through Shrewsbury, she brought with her wealth and prosperity for many.

Such an influx of money has made the map of Shrewsbury what it is today, littered with historic buildings and scenic views, many of which can be seen by taking our very own River Cruise. It's for that very reason we are directly involved in many of the events that are held in the town. As well as being ticket vendors, we also take part in special events, such as our Flower Show Fireworks Cruise which, as you can imagine, is quite simply. Stunning.

Below you'll find links to purchase tickets for events as they come up, but even if you visit during a quiet period you'll still never be short of things to do in Shrewsbury.

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